zombie mode to human mode

I still just do not know how to feel.

I’m kind of in zombie mode I guess. I just put aside my feelings as much as possible, and focus on what is happening around me. There are moments throughout the day thought that my zombie mode stops, and then my emotions are a little on the confusing side.

I wish people could understand that I still care about the well being of me ex, and do not want to hurt him on purpose. He has done a lot for me the last nine months, so for that I respect him. My feelings are kind of based off how he is feelings. If he doesn’t want to talk, then I learn to accept it and don’t talk. Whatever is the best for him will be the best for me in regards to our relationship… if there is even a relationship. While I was dating him I was always protective of him. If anyone talked poorly about him, I was quick to defend him. If anything was threatening to his emotional or psychical well being, I would try my best to be there for him. Through this break up I will still be protective over him no matter what is said or done. So, that being said it is frustrating when people talk shit about him to me, or want to confront him about our problems. I’d rather have people talk shit about me, as it is much harder to listen to people talk shit about him. He deserves the best, and I wish I was able to give that to him.

So, for the time being I can focus on being the best I can be. I’ve been trying to cope by attending yoga class, exercising at the local gym, and hanging out with friends. Music also helps a lot. Being in the hospital not once, but twice was a big wake up call when it comes to I need to take better care of myself, which sadly I needed. I received so much support and comfort from the staff. It was great, and I will never forget any of them. I’m scared to take of my bracelet they gave me because it just gives me comfort. Now it is time to let that experience make me a stronger person, so I’m doing what I can do. :)

I’m getting a little bit stronger.


This song could not explain how I feel right now any better.

Here is a copy of a text I sent to someone to explain what has been going on:

“Monday at like 2 am my ex and I got in a nasty fight over text. I freaked, and posted on Facebook I want to kill myself. Friend showed up at my house telling my parents. I wasn’t home so everyone went crazy. Finally I told ny mom were I was and I was fine by then. She made me go into the hospital to be evaluated. Then yesterday My mom shoved me so that was suckish, and then that my dad started pushing me around last night. I went into total panic he wouldn’t let me leave the room, so I called 911 said I was suicidal, so I could get away.”

I will always have a special place for him in my heart, and always be a phone call away. However, I’m moving on as it is the best for me. Weirdest feeling ever to move on….

Trigger has been pulled.

I feel like a gun.

First you load the gun.

Second you prepare to shoot it.

Then you pull the trigger.

More and more emotions have been loaded on to my soul.

Enough emotions that if something happens I’ll be a mess.

Well, something did happen. And now my trigger has been pulled.

Fortunately. I’m perfectly find with that. It felt good to let loose for a second, and now I’m A ok.

Diagnosis: broke up with boyfriend

I don’t know how I feel.

I’m single. Single is the opposite of being in a relationship. For me it is the opposite of being in a nine month relationship. A relationship is suppose to bring you up not down. A relationship is suppose to be about commitment. A relationship is suppose to be about trust. A relationship is suppose to be so many fucking god damn things, and when it is not they end. They end with misery.

Wether you choose to face your feelings or not there is misery. One can pretend nothing ever happened, act what society assumes is strong in front of their peers, one can hold back all tears, and pretend everything is ok with their ex. Reality is something did happen. Reality is you do not feel strong. Reality is you cannot hold back the tears when you are not surrounded by people. Reality is everything is not ok with your ex.

Some people decided to deal with reality when it finally sinks in with drugs. Others go to alcohol. And, well, what I’ve been know to do, which is self harm. All of these options are so easy to do especially after something traumatic takes place. Choosing either is not a sign of weakness. They are just poor decisions in the long run that will affect your life wether you want to admit it or not. Normally these decisions happen when one thinks it is not ok to feel not ok.

However, it is ok to not feel ok. We are all human. We all have our days. Days of misery… days of pain… and days of breaking up. It is completely normal to not be ok after such an event takes place.

So, that being said it is ok that I started writing this blog with tears running down my face. I have the right as the human to be sad after one of my fantasies has ended.

I just have to realize and remind myself it is ok not to be ok…. because right now I’m still in shock and just want to let everything be frozen. I want time to freeze. I want actions to freeze. I want my feelings to freeze.

Just let me be alone in the sadness, and work out my emotions.


I honestly just forgot that I made a blog. Whoops.

Things have been kinda rough lately, so I have been thinking about an outlet and then I remembered I have a blog. XD

I recently have gone back to self harming, and now I’m kind of in to weed.

I had gone months and months without hurting myself, but the last few weeks have just been overwhelming. I started smoking weed months ago, and lately I have gotten more in to it. I like how it solves all my problems for it. Weed and cutting let me relax, which is something I’m not good at. At all.

School has been a huge influence on my mood. It adds so much stress, as I feel like I have to make everybody else happy with my grades. The pressure ends up being too much, so I give up and then drop my classes. I dropped my sociology class today, which was a scary thing to do. The last thing I want to do is disappoint anyone.. myself included. However, as a person right now I can barely handle anything in my mental state and something needed to be done before I become more of a mess. As soon as I pushed the button that says drop class I felt a huge relief. So, I think things will be better now in the school part of my life.

Everything else is going decently. My situation at home seems to be a lot better, as I’m not spending as much time at home. Most of my time is spend with my boyfriend, Trevor. I think my time with him needs to be cut cuz I’m so dependent on the kid. The second I’m not with him or he takes a while to reply I start feeling anxious. My friend persuaded me to dump him, and that was the worst decision of my life. She did it cuz she wanted in my pants. lol. Fortunately I got my man back. ;) It really fucked things up breaking up with him, but things are continuing to get better with him. I was such a wreck when I broke up with him. I cried so much for myself, and then I felt really bad for doing that to him.

He deserves the best, and that night I totally felt as though he deserved better than me. He always tries his best to be there for me, and I could just go on and on about how great he is. I’m obsessed with him. Like everything about him is perfect. His looks are like model status, great work ethic, great at sex ( most important jk), and the list never ends of reasons why he is so great. So, that being said I’m glad he is still mine, and he shall be forever.

So, that is that. The update on my crazy/weird life.


My boyfriend helped me study for a test. How sweet of him,right? However, on the back of one of my flash cards about the black hawk war he wrote something about a guy blowing up planets. I think that’s what it was. Ha.

After the test I told him it went well, and that I felt I explained how native Americans were blowing up native Americans very well. He was stunned. After a few minutes passed he said he wrote it as a joke on my flash card, and thought I would have picked up on it.

I’ve been saying I’m going to fail the test now, and my friend helped me harassed him about it some more. I even wrote a status on Facebook complaining about what he did.

Truth is I knew it was a joke this entire time. I find it hilarious he thinks I’m that stupid. He even told a friend about how retarted I am. Lol.

So, it is time for him to know I’m not really that stupid. I just messaged him saying so, I haven’t been completely honest with you. Now I just wait a while, and let him suffer then I’ll tell him I didn’t really screw up my test.

Yes, I know. I’m a bitch. Ha.


I swear I have the weirdest parents in the world. One day I can stay home alone with my boyfriend, and run away to Seattle. The next I’m not even allowed to hangout with him at my house.

Luckly they are normally pretty chill. My boyfriend has some pretty bad bruises etc on his neck from making out. Haha. My mom told me to just start giving them in places that he can hide them.

What kind of mom do I have!?!


I’m having withdrawals. Not from cutting. Not from alcohol or drugs, but my boyfriend. We spent the majority of the weekend together, and now he probably won’t be at my side for a couple of days.

We spent the weekend making weird horse videos (I’m a horse named vagabond..lol), geocaching, and just relaxing in my room. Twas a very nice weekend after an insane week of school.

Now it is finals week at my high school, and I have a test at my college. It is gonna be one heck of a week. So, who knows when I’ll see Trevor next.

I feel so awkward when he isn’t around. Nobody to talk to, or jump on. The list just goes on and on and on. What makes it even worse is going to school and seeing other couples holding hands and kissing.

Wanting to cut has been something that I have definitely struggles with. However, not having my boyfriend around is more difficult. It is the only thing I can think about, and its driving me crazy not being with him.


So, I kinda sorta have been horrible about writing on here lately. Uhhh. Whoops?love does funny things to you. It makes you not be able to focus on anything, and your daily routine becomes shattered. Now my routine consist of me thinking about how amazing my boyfriend Trevor is every second of the day.

Him and I have lasted a whole three weeks. Craziness! Every second of it has been pure joy. Even when we ran off to Seattle after I had an argument with my mom. Pretty sure Seattle was one of the best moments of our relationship so far.

I loved that I was able to lean on him after an intense fight with my mom. Also, he was willing to run off with me to Seattle. After spending some relaxing time with him I was at peace with myself and my mom again.

It is so nice to have someone that helps me finally have peace with myself. Someone to tell me how great I am 24/7. It fills the missing holes I have had in other relationships such as family members etc.

My life feels complete now. I’m happy with him, which makes me happy with myself.

1st date

After hanging out with Trevor Thursday he asked me to go on a date. Without a doubt I happily answered yes. :)

Today we went in our date, and I’m happy I said yes to doing with him. We went bowling and out to eat. Plus enjoyed some quality time in my car. Wink. Wink. It was the best night I’ve had in a while.

A few weeks ago if you told me I was going to be happy again I would not have believed you. I’m glad to know what happiness is again. I actually feel loved for once no matter what. Not only because he tells me he loves me constantly, but because of his actions as well. No, he does not just show me he loves me by kissing me. Lol.

He carries my girly keys around with him.. something my dad refuses to do. Replies to my messages even while playing video games. Anything I ask him to do he does with a smile on his face.

I have had precious relationships that I though would workout, but this one seems different. Nothing he does upsets me. He is just perfect in every way to me. I’m just so happy to call him mine. :D

Love is in the air!